Alexander Creswell

“Spirit of Place & Places of Spirit” – Ely Cathedral

On Friday night last week I had the great honour of presenting my lecture ‘The Spirit of Place & Places of Spirit’ in a setting that could not have been more appropriate: right under the Octagon of Ely Cathedral in front of the High Altar with an audience of over 200. This launched the series of prints of my paintings of Ely Cathedral. It was a sublime experience to be speaking about my work from inside the subject of one of my paintings.

Ely Cathedral – The Choir (more…)

Exhibition now open! A collection that blurs the boundary between sketch and painting.

Wednesday 13th October saw the opening of my ‘EN PLEIN AIR’ exhibition at the Portland Gallery, London. (more…)

Tonight’s the night – Portland Gallery ‘En Plein Air’ opens

Paintings are hung, film is rolling and the Portland Gallery is ready for ‘En Plein Air’. Only thing left to do is enjoy a chilled glass of champagne!

Ely Cathedral – A weekend of lectures

It is only a matter of days until I visit Ely Cathedral where I will be lecturing for the weekend. Ely Cathedral is a beautiful and iconic subject which I have painted several times in the past to help raise funds for the Cathedral. What a delight therefore to (more…)

Extreme Sketching:


My Drawing Machine in action!

Forthcoming Exhibition: The Portland Gallery, London


14 OCTOBER – 5 NOVEMEBER 2010 (more…)